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  • overseas sales,without a single bad record
    Good quality and durability
  • Professional pre-sale guidance
    Understanding requirements, providing good information and measurement solutions
  • Quality after-sales service
    the most high-quality after-sales service
  • Strict Quality Control
    overseas sales ,there has never been a quality problem
  • Accurate Accuracy Measurement
    The measurement accuracy can be up to 0.01µm
  • Preferential Price Policy
    a professional spare part free for new customer and 5 percent discount for old customer。
  • Seventeen Years Old Brand Strength
    Seventeen years of exporting, with a high reputation abroad
  • Keep improving and develop independently
    Independent R&D and production, strictly in accordance with standards
Service Support
Service Support
Through years of experience accumulated in the industry, we have created a strong technology, independent innovation ability, and can provide customers with a comprehensive measurement technology program.
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The problem of imaging astigmatism has always been one of the reasons that restrict the precision of image measuring instruments. In different research centers of manufacturing enterprises, they are concentrating on this problem. So what is